Klein’s is happy and excited to be offering a large selection bulk garlic from Seed Savers Exchange of nearby Decorah, IA.  

If you’ve never been to Seed Savers, it makes for a great day trip at just three hours away.  Set just a few miles north of beautiful and historic Decorah in the Driftless Area of northeastern Iowa, the visitor center, farm and facilities are nestled in a lovely side stream valley of the Upper Iowa River and on top of the surrounding ridges.  The property is riddled with lovely hiking trails rivaling any in the state parks of southwestern Wisconsin.

Each bulb of garlic that we’re carrying from Seed Savers contains about 10 to 16 individual cloves based on variety.  Seed Savers’ heirloom garlic is also organic.  Bulbs are large and firm for guaranteed success.   

October is the best month to plant garlic for next summer’s harvest, so shop early for best selection.

Klein’s is carrying the following bulk garlic varieties:

Chesnok Red–(aka Shvelisi) Originates from the village of Shvelisi, Republic of Georgia. Beautiful purple striped paper with red cloves, easy to peel. Good lingering taste, retains flavor well when cooked. Rated as one of the very best for baking or roasting. Hardneck, 8-10 cloves per bulb.

Elephant–Not a true garlic but actually a type of leek. Huge cloves and much milder flavor than regular garlic. Bulbs can grow 3-5″ in diameter and up to one pound dry weight under ideal conditions. Bulbs average 4-6 cloves.

German Extra Hardy–Vigorous grower with long roots that enable it to overwinter without heaving out of the ground. Outside skin is ivory-white, but the clove skin is dark red. Strong raw flavor, high sugar content, one of the very best for roasting. Hardneck, 4-7 cloves per bulb.

Inchelium Red–Found growing on the Colville Indian Reservation in Inchelium, Washington. Light purple blotching on very large bulbs. Compound bulbs have large outer cloves as well as medium cloves in the center of the bulb. Rated the best tasting garlic by the Rodale Institute in 1990. Softneck, 12-16 cloves per bulb.

Music–Italian variety brought to Canada by Al Music in the 1980s from his homeland. Bright white bulbs with a hint of pink and brown on clove skins. Large cloves are easy to peel. Rich, sweet, and caramelly when roasted. Delicious and spicy raw flavor. Hardneck, 4-10 cloves per bulb.

Samarkand–Also known as ‘Persian Star,’ this variety was collected in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, by longtime Seed Savers Exchange member John Swenson. Boasting a pleasant flavor with a mild, spicy “zing,” this all-purpose variety produces reliable yields year after year and is best grown in regions with an extended cold-winter season. Hardneck, 8-12 cloves per bulb.