Choose from over a dozen different amaryllis in shades of red, pink, white and bicolor combinations with both single or double blooms. Plant during October for holiday blooms. We also carry a nice selection of gift kits with everything you need to grow spectacular amaryllis.  We also offer a wide selection for hyacinth and amaryllis glasses for easy forcing without soil.

Fragrant paperwhites are easy to grow. This daffodil relative does not require a cooling period in order to flower. Blooms appear about 6 weeks after planting. Choose from:

Ziva is a reliable strain that is imported from Israel. It produces clusters of pure white blooms with a strong, spicy fragrance on stems averaging 16-18 inches tall. Ziva takes as little as two weeks to bloom.

Galilee bears pure white blooms with a lighter, musky scent on stems 12- 14 inches tall. It blooms in 3-4 weeks, often having several bloom stems per bulb.

Grand Soleil d’Or offers lemon to gold petals around a yellow-orange cup with a delicate sweet fragrance. It grows 12-14 inches tall and blooms in 4-5 weeks.

Inbal is an all white type of paperwhite, similar to Ziva, except with a very delicate and pleasant fragrance and a flatter cup.