As we head into the long-awaited spring season our gardening plans can now be fully put into action. At Klein’s we grow a diverse range of annuals suitable for any growing environment, shade, part shade and full sun. In addition to growing our plants in your established garden beds, container gardening is a great way to liven up a patio, balcony or a corner of your yard that needs a little color. At Klein’s we offer many options to meet your container gardening needs. Available throughout the greenhouse and in perennial yard outside we feature pots of many shapes, sizes, and materials. Throughout the spring and summer, we will also have containers already assembled ready for purchase filled with annuals suitable for all growing conditions. 

At Klein’s we offer custom container design for your existing containers.  Please bring in your containers fully emptied of last year’s debris.  If you would like us to dispose of the old soil and plant matter, there will be a $10.00 charge.  Please check in with a staff member upon your arrival at the store and we will ask some questions to clarify what you are looking for in a custom container, budget range, light requirements, favorite plants and colors.  We will contact you when your container has been completed and ready for pick up. Delivery is also available at an additional charge.  

Fees for our potting services are a combination of the total retail costs of the plants to be planted and a potting fee that includes soil and labor. Our potting fees are based on the container’s top diameter. For elongated containers that use more soil, there may be added costs. Payment can be made when placing the order or at pick-up. If we need to make adjustments to the order, we will contact you in advance. In special cases, we may require a downpayment. 

We look forward to hearing you! Contact Jenny at 608-244-5661 or with any questions.