How to build a miniature garden

  1. Choose a container

A container with a drainage hole is best when using live plants. Plastic or terra cotta pots work great. Glass bowls and jars show off all the layers.

  1. Layer your materials

First, place a layer of pebbles for drainage.  Next, place a layer of charcoal to keep the soil fresh. Fill with potting soil.

Cover the soil with bark, pebbles or sheet moss. 
You can use these materials to create grass and paths, too.

  1. Choose a theme

English cottage, fairy tale, nature-based, tree house . . . . 
it’s up to your imagination. Look to your fairies to give you clues and inspiration.

  1. Pick your plants

Choose plants with compatible light and watering requirements. Choose miniature plants or those that you can prune and train easily.

Use ferns for trees, lipstick or goldfish plant for bushes. Baby tears make a nice ground cover, and ivies and angel vine are great climbers.

Miniature violets, roses, kalanchoes and poinsettias add color to the scene.

  1. Add the accessoriesIMG_2674 (1)

Chairs, benches, trellises, garden tools and more are all available at Klein’s Floral and Greenhouses. You also can fashion your own structures and accessories from everyday household items or leftover craft supplies.

  1. Miniature garden TLC

Remember to water and fertilize carefully, because everything is little. And have fun! Involve your family, friends, kids and grandchildren.

Having trouble getting started?

Klein’s has many talented fairy garden enthusiasts on staff to help you get started, or let one of our designers create one for you.