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Just Arrived: Bulk Garlic Bulbs from Seed Savers Exchange of Decorah, IA

Klein’s is happy and excited to be offering bulk garlic bulbs from Seed Savers Exchange of nearby Decorah, IA. If you’ve never been to Seed Savers, it makes for a great day trip at just three hours away. Set just a few miles north of beautiful and historic Decorah in the Driftless Area of northeastern Iowa, the visitor center, farm and facilities are nestled in a lovely side stream valley of the Upper Iowa River and on top of the surrounding ridges. The property is riddled with lovely hiking trails rivaling any in the state parks of southwestern Wisconsin.

Each bulb of garlic that we’re carrying from Seed Savers contains about 10 to 16 individual cloves based on variety. Seed Savers’ heirloom garlic is also organic. Bulbs are large and firm for guaranteed success. At Klein’s, we’ve merchandised them in a cooler to prevent premature growth. They are located in the area along with our other spring blooming bulbs.

October is the best month to plant garlic for next summer’s harvest, so shop early for best selection.

Klein’s is carrying the following bulk garlic varieties:

Chesnok Red–Chesnok Red is a full flavored garlic with a mellow aftertaste that sticks around nicely for a while. Best baking garlic and a great all-around garlic. Some years it can be hotter or milder than usual, but it is always fully garlicky. Chesnok Red is yet another one of the garlics from the Republic of Georgia in the former USSR. Chesnok is a standard Purple Stripe and has the typical heavy purple striping that gives this variety its name. They have fewer but larger cloves (average of 8 to 10) arranged in a rather circular pattern. Although large bulbs will have about a dozen cloves and even the inner ones are of good size. Hardneck type.

German Extra Hardy–Vigorous grower with long roots that enable it to overwinter without heaving out of the ground. Outside skin is ivory-white, but the clove skin is dark red. Strong raw flavor, high sugar content, one of the very best for roasting. Hardneck, 4-7 cloves per bulb.

German Red–Strong, spicy, robust flavor. Well suited for cold winters. German Red, while adaptable, is especially well-suited for cold winters. It’s bulbs are strong and spicy with a robust flavor, and the cloves are easy to peel, which makes them a favorite for chefs and foodies. Bulbs are fairly uniform and have thin, purple-brown skin. Harvest fall planted garlic the following season, late spring or early summer, about 240 days from planting. Harvest spring planted garlic the same season, about 90 days from planting. Averages 14 cloves per bulb. Hardneck.

Inchelium Red–A soft neck garlic that is mild at harvest but increases in flavor during storage, and with just a touch of spicy heat. Its large 3″ bulbs produce many cloves. A wonderful garlic for all-purpose use where mild flavors are preferred. Its tight coarse tunics make for a long storage life of up to 9 months. Harvest fall planted garlic the following season, late spring or early summer, about 240 days from planting. Harvest spring planted garlic the same season, about 90 days from planting. Averages 10 cloves per bulb.

Music–Mid-season, Porcelain type. Music hits the top of the charts when it comes to yields. In trials at Michigan State University, Music out-produced all others with a harvest of over 13,500 pounds per acre! White skinned with just a blush of pink, this garlic makes big cloves that are easy-to-peel. The taste is a medium hot, true garlic flavor. Exceptional shelf life for a Porcelain type, Music will store 9 months to a year. Very cold tolerant.


We have all of your favorites–tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, alliums–and a few not-so-well known treasures for your garden. Shop now for best selection. Extremely popular are our pre-mixed tulip blends in eye-popping combinations.  Buy now, but however, wait until mid- to late October to plant your spring bulbs (planting too can early promote premature leaf growth).

Nothing could be more uplifting after a long winter than crocus, snowdrops and winter aconite blossoms peeking through the snow come spring.  Allow the Klein’s staff to share planting tips and ideas to keep those pesky squirrels from digging up those newly planted bulbs.  And for indoor blooms, don’t forget a few hyacinths, paperwhites and amaryllis (arriving mid-October) for indoor forcing.  We carry a lovely assortment of forcing glasses, vases and decorative pottery.  Forced bulbs make for a n inexpensive and treasured holiday gift.  Any bulb questions?  Don’t forget our Mad Gardener @ [email protected]!

All Remaining Annuals Are Now Buy One, Get One FREE!

In addition to any remaining spring cell packs, all annuals in 5″ pots are now Buy One, Get One Free.

Have critters been eating your plants?  Were your plants not watered as well as you had hoped while you were on vacation? Now is the perfect time to fill in those empty spots in your garden or containers.  Shop early while selection and quality remain high.  We at Klein’s pride ourselves in the quality of our stock, even in the heat of summer.  Our BOGO clearance will continue until supplies are depleted.  All tropicals, perennials, shrubs, herbs and potted fruits remain 25% OFF.

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