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Buy One, Get One Free–All Veggie & Annual Packs AND All Potted Annuals in 6″ or Smaller Pots.  A huge selection remains to fill in the holes in your garden, for containers and to replace all those plants eaten by critters.

–25% Off All Mixed Remaining Mixed Annual Containers

–25% Off All Hanging Baskets

–50% Off All Tropicals (houseplants are not included)

Free Houseplant Potting Service at Klein’s

Did you know that if you buy both a plant and it’s new pot at Klein’s, we will pot it up for free and on the spot—time and staff permitting. That means no mess or hassle at home.  Let Klein’s staff make it easy for you.

Klein’s has an amazing assortment of houseplants ranging from the smallest plants for terrariums and dish gardens, to tropical trees, to succulents and cactus and a huge assortment of air plants. Our knowledgeable staff will help select the perfect plant for any location and occasion, offering care tips and sound advice.

Obviously, we are overly busy or understaffed, we may ask that you pick up your newly potted plants at a later convenient time.

Similarly, if your current houseplants have outgrown their pots, take advantage of Klein’s repotting services. Our repotting fees for existing plants are based on pot size and include soil and labor.

***Please note that this service is only available with houseplant purchases and not for seasonal bedding plant and tropical patio plant purchases where normal potting charges apply.  

Klein’s Is Voted Among Madison’s Best by Madison Magazine!

And for a second year in a row, Klein’s is among the Best of Madison in two categories!  Klein’s Floral & Greenhouses was voted #2 Florist from among Madison’s many flower shops (Congrats to Darcy and her team!) and #3 in the Lawn, Garden & Landscape category in the 2019 Madison Magazine reader poll announced in late February. A big THANK YOU to our customers and Madison Magazine readers!

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Air Plant Care

Air plants, or Tillandsia, are bromeliads that originate primarily in Central America.  A few species, like Spanish moss, are much more widespread.  They grow mostly in trees above the ground.  Some air plants have roots, but they only use these to anchor themselves in place.  Water and nutrients are absorbed through the body of the plant itself.

Air plants grow best in bright filtered light.  Both natural and artificial light work well, but they will not thrive in low light.

When kept indoors, air plants definitely need to be watered.  It’s best to use filtered or distilled water; tap water can be hard on them and hard water can cause mineral deposits over time.  Although many people mist their air plants several times a week, we recommend that you soak your air plant for about 30 minutes weekly.  Afterwards, shake the excess water off your plant and place in a spot with good air movement.  Air plants should be dry within four hours of watering.

Feeding y our air plants is important to long term success.  Air plants are very slow growing, but they can flower and offset.  Feeding them helps greatly with this process.  Make sure to use a plant food formulated for air plants, as they don’t have a typical root system to help break down nutrients.