2022 Spring Plantspw-certified-logo

Our full 2022 list of spring plants have been posted as PDF files below.

DISCLAIMER: The following list of plants offered this spring season was compiled using plants already in stock, listed on acknowledgments, or from orders placed but not yet received. We make every effort to update this list before posting it on our website at around April 15 of the current year. We do not update the list once the season unfolds. Before making the trip to Klein’s, we recommend that you give us a call to make sure that we currently have the sought after item in stock. Sometimes, we don’t receive ordered items on a consistent timeline or items may be substituted by our vendors at their discretion. There may also be unanticipated crop failures in a given year. And most common, we simply run out of product as the season progresses. Please also note that the pot or pack sizes are subject to change at the last minute. If you have any questions, please contact us via telephone at 608-244-5661 or email us at info@kleinsfloral.com

Click on the links below to download each file.

NOTE: The pdf files include all plants we expect to order for the 2022 spring season. However, our current stock will vary by day, so please call us in advance for current availability! 
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